Training Division
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Minetto Fire Department

Training Division

The MFD Training Division administers the following two important programs within our organization:

                     *  Training and periodic retraining of our personnel
                     *  Our Life Safety Education Program

Our Training Division conducts classes approximately two hours in duration encompassing the numerous aspects of Fire Suppression, Rescue, and EMS operations every Wednesday night beginning at 19:00 hours.  Additionally, several specialized classes and makeup training classes are routinely offered to our personnel.

MFD personnel are encouraged to attend the numerous field classes offered by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control.  Our personnel routinely attend classes conducted at the New York State Fire Academy located in Montour Falls, New York and at the National Fire Academy located in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

At least twice annually, we transport our personnel to the Niagara Mohawk Fire Training School.  The staff at the Fire Training School provide excellent interior firefighting, search and rescue, and other specialized hands on training evolutions.

The MFD three-story Training Tower is located behind our station.  The tower was designed for the numerous scenarios that our personnel encounter at emergency incidents.  It features an angled roof section for simulated roof operations and vertical ventilation training.  The structure also features designs for structural fire fighting operations, horizontal ventilation, ladder operations, rope rescue, and search operations.  Our training tower has provided the added benefit of "hands on" training, which has proven to be an great addition to our training division.

MFD are required to regularly attend training classes.  Minimum participation requirements serve to better ensure that our personnel are familiar with new or revised operating guidelines.  Additionally, we have found that personnel who regularly train together tend to interact well together in the rapidly changing stressful situations that are routinely encountered at emergency incidents.

              Our Training Division philosophy is best summed up
                      in the old adage "Practice Makes Perfect."

There can be little doubt that this is certainly applicable to the training of firefighters.