You can build dynamic websites with CNYFire.net!  These are just a few samples of what you can do with a little creativity and time.

The CNYFire.net portal builder lets you quickly build and edit a website using only your web browser. This Guided Tour will show you how to build a website step-by-step using CNYFire.net. If you are not familiar with CNYFire.net, please review this page before starting.

CNYFire.net Websites

CNYFire.net websites are made up of Pages and Modules.

Pages: Pages provide a place for you to display your site content. For example, a site for a soccer team Web site might have a Games page which includes scores from previous games, and information about upcoming games.

Modules: Pages are made up of one or more Modules. Modules are bits of functionality which can be added to a page. For example, a Games page for a soccer team Web site might have an Events Module so that team members could view upcoming soccer games.

CNYFire.net has many built-in modules including, Text (for any text content), Table, Events, Links, Picture and more. In addition, many more modules area available from the community including Web Forums, Blogs, and Photo Gallery.

How to Build a Website with CNYFire.net

Here is an overview of how you can build a website with CNYFire.net:

1) Sign up with CNYFire.net. We will set up a blank CNYFire.net website for you.

2) Log in to your CNYFire.net site using the information provided by CNYFire.net

3) Start building your website by adding pages and modules!

How to Use this Guided Tour

If you’re new to CNYFire.net, the best place to start Page Basics section, on the Overview of Pages. From there you can jump to other sections as you start to build your website.

Have fun!